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Logan Sturm

Ph.D. 2020, Mechanical Engineering
Logan Sturm headshot

Logan graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. As an undergraduate he performed research in the MicrON Lab on BacteriaBots, and served as captain and mechanical team lead for the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team. While in school Logan completed two years as a manufacturing engineering intern at Federal Mogul. For his senior capstone design project, Logan programmed the software and user interface for a Mask Projection Micro-Stereolithography 3D Printer that he and his team designed and built. The team’s final project received the award for “Best Design Project” from among 40 mechanical engineering capstone projects.

Logan joined the DREAMS Lab in 2013 as an undergraduate researcher and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Logan’s current research is in Cyber-Physical Security for AM systems. This involves identifying current vulnerabilities in AM machines and in the process chain, and determining ways to detect and mitigate attacks. He has worked with identifying potential vulnerabilities in the .STL file as well as with man-in-the-middle attacks to investigate intercepting and modifying the toolpath and machine parameter files on AM systems. On the mitigation side he has worked on the application of structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques to AM systems, implementing impedance based monitoring both post process and in-situ. Logan has also worked on the development of a physical-hash to securely transfer side channel measurement data along with part files to detect defects as they occur. Additional research interests mechatronics, autonomous systems, and design for AM. In particular the use of embedded components in additively manufactured parts.

Logan also enjoys working with outreach activities for the lab, working with organizations such as the Taubman Museum of Art, 4H programs, and professional training workshops to help with hands-on activities.

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