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Who Are We?

We are a team of undergraduate engineering and business students with big dreams to utilize our expertise in business, robotics, drones, and manufacturing to introduce autonomous drone fabrication into the world.  Our team is one of only four teams selected nation-wide by NASA in 2021 for the University Students Research Challenge (USRC), which was created with the purpose of solving new technical challenges in aerospace, stimulating student entrepreneurship, and motivating student critical thinking.

RAV-FAB Workcell in Action

What is the Purpose of RAV-FAB?

With an autonomous robotic workcell that can manufacture drones from stock components and printing feedstock, drone designs can be quickly reconfigured and mission-tailored. Fabrication with basic components and materials also allows RAV-FAB to simplify the supply chain, making it ideal for expeditionary manufacturing.

We dream of a future where we can deploy RAV-FAB workcells anywhere in the world or beyond: for human exploration, search and rescue, or delivery. Our long-term vision is for RAV-FAB to be sent to Mars to begin building reconnaissance and supporting vehicles before astronauts arrive.