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Dr. Hadi Miyanaji

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2018-20
Hadi Miyanaji headshot

Hadi received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from University of Louisville, UofL, in August 2018. The primary focus of his thesis was on understanding fundamentals of binder jetting additive manufacturing technology and developing physics-based models to predict the optimal process parameters. During his doctorate program, he studied binder droplet-powder bed interaction as the most basic building element in binder jetting process and developed predictive models to anticipate profiles generated from such interactions. He has received UofL Doctoral Dissertation Award in March 2018 for his work and publications in his Ph.D. program. He was also awarded his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Manufacturing Engineering at Iran University of Science and technology (2011) and University of Tabriz (2008), respectively.

In June 2018, he joined the DREAMS lab as a postdoctoral research fellow. At Virginia Tech, he continues to research the fundamental understanding of and feature formation process in binder jetting technology by modeling liquid binder flow dynamics in contact with powder materials. He also conducts research to expand the processable materials catalog for binder jetting and to provide guidelines to select optimal process parameters for every new materials system using both already established models and experimental investigations.

Hadi loves to play sports, especially soccer, and enjoys reading, listening to music, and outdoors activities in his spare time. 

Hadi left the DREAMS Lab in 2020 to work for Kennametal.