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Kazi Moshiur Rahman

Ph.D. 2022, Mechanical Engineering
Kazi Moshiur Rahman headshot

Kazi joined the DREAMS Lab in May 2017 to pursue his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech.  Before joining Virginia Tech, Kazi completed his MS in Mechanical Engineering from South Dakota State University in 2016 and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh in 2012. Kazi started his research on Additive Manufacturing during his MS at SDSU where he worked on Material Extrusion of Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) thermoplastic and Hierarchical cellular structure fabrication and their characterization. He authored several peer-reviewed journal and conference articles from his master research.

Since joining DREAMS Lab, Kazi has worked on Additive Manufacturing assisted Metal casting and Binder Jetting processes. Currently, his research focus is improving Binder Jetting process through study of Binder-Powder interaction and process-structure-properties relationship for improved manufacturing fidelity using binder Jetting. From his research in DREAMS Lab, Kazi has co-authored one journal article on Binder Jetting.

Kazi received Pratt Fellowship for 2019-2020 session for excellent academic records from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. Outside of the Lab, Kazi loves to travel places and enjoys cooking.

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