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Genevieve Gural

Master's Student, Mechanical Engineering
Genevieve Gural

In May 2018, Genevieve graduated with her bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech. She subsequently joined the DREAMS lab in Fall 2018. She has held an interest in Additive Manufacturing and Metal Casting from a young age, and has incorporated these topics into several years of her undergraduate study. 

Her primary undergrad extracurricular activity was the Baja SAE team at Virginia Tech, for which she was Team Captain in 2017-18. During her freshman year, she participated in the Hypatia Living-Learning Community, and maintained ties with the community as an inVenTs Leadership Team member throughout undergrad.

Genevieve also placed heavy emphasis on industry experience as part of her education. She has held positions at a range of companies, including several terms at Tesla and SpaceX.

In her spare time, Genevieve enjoys woodworking, building rockets and cars, and mentoring others.