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Camden Chatham

Ph.D. 2020, Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Image of Camden Chatham, Ph.D. student in the DREAMS Lab

Camden graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Polymer and Fiber Engineering from Georgia Tech. He then worked as a Laboratory Project Manager at an independent materials characterization laboratory in the metro Atlanta area, where he handled both customer-facing and scientific aspects of projects involving the thermal, mechanical, and microscopy characterization of materials. He worked in industry for nearly three years before coming to Virginia Tech in the fall of 2015.

Camden represents the materials perspective of the "molecules to manufacturing" initiative. His research interests involved developing and characterizing novel materials for melt-based additive manufacturing methods (powder bed fusion and material extrusion) and determining a model of important materials parameters to screen the printability of potential new materials.

Camden graduated from Virginia Tech in 2020 and is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Savannah River National Lab.

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