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Yifeng Lin

Ph.D. Student, Materials Science and Engineering
Yifeng Lin

Yifeng graduated from Sichuan University with a bachelor’s degree in Polymer Science and Engineering. During his undergraduate research, he was involved in modifying the thermal and mechanical properties of polybenzoxazine and developed varieties of polymer characterizing skills.

He then joined the research group of Dr. David Schiraldi in Case Western Reserve University where he received his master’s degree. During his two years of master’s research, Yifeng focused on compatibilizing PET with inorganic low Tg tin-fluorophosphate glass and fabricating the composite film with high gas barrier properties, which was published in the journal in the journal Polymer in 2017.

After graduating with a master’s degree, and in order to keep pursuing his interests in composites and hybrid materials, Yifeng spent a year working on a cooperative project instructed by Dr. Kathy Lu and Dr. Richey Davis at Virginia Tech. He developed an effective way to prepare highly-monodispersed metal oxide quantum dots suspension in non-polar organic solvents and more using the PMMA-metal oxide co-suspension for soft lithography. A resolution down to 250 nm was achieved.

Yifeng joined the DREAMS Lab in August 2018 and his research project is mainly related to the additive manufacturing of recycled PET. Besides his research time, Yifeng also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies in his personal life such as painting and cooking.

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