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Image of the RAV-FAB Team
Image of Team Member Jimmy Lowe

Tadeusz (Tadek) Kosmal is a Mechanical Engineering UGG Student at Virginia Tech majoring in Robotics and Mechatronics. As a researcher in the DREAMS Lab for 3.5 years, Tadek has focused on robotic material extrusion and has interned for NASA, General Electric Aviation, and the U.S. Navy. He is honored and excited to lead the NASA USRC project enveloping his 3 favorite engineering subsets: Robotics and Autonomy, Additive Manufacturing, and Aviation.

LinkedIn: Tadeusz-Kosmal

Image of Team Member Eric Link

Eric Link is a senior at Virginia Tech in the mechanical engineering UG/G program majoring in Robotics and Mechatronics and minoring in Computer Science. Link has previously supported undergraduate research in the DREAMS lab and has completed internships at MITRE, Noblis, and Amazon/eero. As an original author of the proposal, Link is excited to be continuing development on vehicle designs optimized for multiaxial additive manufacturing and autonomous fabrication.

LinkedIn: EricMLink

Image of Team Member Kieran Beaumont

Kieran Beaumont is a senior in the Mechanical Engineering UG/G program at Virginia Tech specializing in Robotics and Mechatronics and pursuing a minor in Computer Science. Kieran has worked in the DREAMS lab for almost 3 years and is primarily interested in advanced manufacturing techniques, robotics, and computer programming. As an original author of the USRC proposal, Kieran is very excited at the opportunity to work with industrial-scale robotic technology to develop an autonomous, hybrid manufacturing work cell.

LinkedIn: Kieran-Beaumont

Image of Team Member Jimmy Lowe

Jimmy Lowe is a Business Information Technology major at Virginia Tech. He is excited to use his blend of business and technology knowledge to lead the RAV-FAB corporate sponsorship and funding efforts, with the ultimate goal of enabling new drone fabrication capabilities. He believes no problem is too big for an ambitious, diverse, and collaborative team.

LinkedIn: J-Lowe

Image of Team Member Conner Pulling

Conner Pulling is a senior at Virginia Tech studying Robotics & Mechatronics within the ME dept. with a Computer Science Minor. His main interest is in intelligent autonomous systems with a focus on robotic autonomy, deep learning, and computer vision. On RAV-FAB, he works on scalable and adaptable communication between subsystems and on making the drone fabrication process more robust against manufacturing errors.

LinkedIn: ConnerPulling

Image of Team Member Dalton Phillips

Dalton Phillips is a Senior at Virginia Tech majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Physics. He joined the DREAMS Lab this year for his senior design project because of his interest in robotics. Through his internships at Altec, Liebherr, and Hanson Aggregates, Dalton has gained industry experience in design, testing, and project management. At Virginia Tech, Dalton is a co-leader for Engineers Without Borders Uganda project, which works to provide renewable energy to schools in rural Uganda. In his free time, he enjoys sports, hiking, and camping with friends. He is very excited to be a part of this research project and push the boundaries of what is possible with robotic manufacturing.

LinkedIn: Dalton-Phillips

Image of Team Member Heather Wotton

Heather Wotton is a current UG/G student interested in Additive Manufacturing and pursuing a career in the aerospace and defense industry. She is excited to lead the validation and testing efforts within the RAV-FAB research team.

LinkedIn: Heather-Wotton

Image of Team Member Cami Kudrna

Camille Kudrna is a senior in Mechanical Engineering focusing her efforts on the RAV-Fab drone design. She also stars as Drum Major for the Marching Virginians and is passionate about STEM education to grow the next generation of engineers. In her free time she mentors FRC Team 401.

LinkedIn: Camille-Kudrna

Image of team member Hutch Peter

Hutchison (Hutch) Peter is an undergraduate mechanical engineering major with interest and experience in robotics, 3D printing, and direct ink write. Spring of 2023 graduate. From Knoxville, Tennessee.

LinkedIn: Hutch-Peter

Image of Team Member David Spadaccia

David Spadaccia is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering and was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He has experience in various 3D CAD softwares, 3D printing and large-scale robotics. He takes pride in challenging himself with a broad range of projects that build understanding of the engineering process in a team environment. His responsibilities within the team include 3D CAD design and validation of the tool stand, toolchanging and wire embedding processes.

LinkedIn: David-Spadaccia

Image of Team Member Calvin Siemers

Calvin Siemers is currently an undergrad at Virginia Tech studying Aerospace Engineering. He is looking to build a career designing and constructing electric airplanes to reduce the carbon impact of aerospace operations. Outside of RAV-FAB, he is involved in two design teams and works as a product developer at the Unmanned Systems Lab.