Callie Zawaski

Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Callie graduated from the Virginia Tech with her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. She first joined the lab in Spring 2013, on the DreamVendor team. This is where she learned about her passion for additive manufacturing.

During her senior year she participated on the DREAMS Lab senior design team to design and build the DreamVendor 2.0 system. She worked on developing the user interface and the heater bed system. She continues to help with the machines, by teaching undergraduates about 3d printing and helping them maintain the machines.

In graduate school Callie has continued her research in the area of additive manufacturing material extrusion. Callie is currently working with the Long Group in the Virginia Tech Chemistry department in a group collaboration to develop new materials for material extrusion. She works on the mechanical engineering side to test new materials, determine important material properties to measure, and quantify the “print-ability” or material extrusion materials.

Currently, she is funded by the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED). She works as a graduate assistant in the inVenTs studio, a makerspace within a living learning community. Her job includes managing upper-class undergraduates running equipment training and events, and well as maintaining the supply’s, machines, and space for students in the community to use, along with other things CEED does.

Callie Zawaski and Christopher Williams, Design of a Low Cost, Desktop-scale, High Temperature System for Fused Filament Fabrication of High Performance Polymers“ Solid Freeform Fabrication Conference August 6th, Austin, TX, 2017

Callie Zawaski, Cam Chatham, Emily Wilts, Tim Long, and Christopher Williams, Using Fillers To Improve Printability Of A Water Soluble Semi-Crystalline Polymer For Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing“ Solid Freeform Fabrication Conference August 6th, Austin, TX, 2017