netfabb Selective Space Structures

Features and Specifications:

  • Software capable of populating any design with cellular structures
  • Create lightweight , yet strong parts
  • Custom designed unit cell structures based on trusses or any other STL shape
  • Capable of handling unit cells of varying size or geometry within a single part
  • Additional capabilities include STL repairs and Boolean operations
netfabb parts


netfabb’s Selective Space Structures is a unique piece of software that allows for the easy creation of highly detailed structural parts. By breaking down any solid CAD model into a series of small voxels, Selective Space Structures can then replace those tiny voxels with custom tailored unit cell structures.  This unit cells can vary spatially within the part.

By replacing solid material with small cellular truss structures, it is possible to eliminate mass without sacrificing the strength of the part. However, it would be impossible to physically create these parts without the unique advantages offered by additive manufacturing.

In addition, the netfabb software is capable of directly manipulating STL files.  This includes performing operations such as file/part repair, Boolean addition and subtraction, and mesh refinement.