3D Scanners enable the digital creation of existing parts in a CAD program for the re-creation of parts.  For example, scanning can be used to make custom orthotics  specifically for individuals by scanning the area of interest. importing into CAD, and designing the remaining device.

Our Systems

Features and Specifications:

  • Weigth 2.75 lbs.
  • Accuracy ± .0016 in.
  • Scan rate up to 25,000 measures/sec
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Eye-safe laser system
Handyscan 3D scanner


The Handyscan 3D scanner is a data acquisition system and its own positioning system. This means that no external tracking or positioning devices is required.  It uses triangulation to determine its relative position to the part in real time.  The scanner can be calibrated as often as necessary (day-to-day basis or before each new scanning session).  Calibration takes about 2 minutes and guarantees optimal operation.

The EXAscan offers increased accuracy and resolution. It is the most versatile 3D scanner on the market for inspection and demanding reverse engineering. The direct .stl files generated can easily be imported into inspection software and quickly processed.  The EXAscan can help you with the scanning and measuring of objects of any sizes in various environments, generating inspection and colorimetric reports.

This 3D laser scanner allows DREAMS Lab researchers to digitally capture surface data of existing products. The DREAMS Lab scanner is equipped with “HD Pro” software to enable high-resolution scans. “CAD Tools” software enables researchers to quickly translate their 3D scan data into an editable CAD model.